Dr Seuss Day Face Painting

Grinch Face Painting

Hi there!

I’m loving the kids’ school right now.  They are having lots of fun events that make the kids feel real special.  Not too long ago they had a school dance.  It was really cool to see all the first and second graders get their groove on. 

Continue reading here>

Fall Leaf Face Painting Design

Fall Leaf Face Painting Design -- Brands and supplies on OkidokiFacePainting.com

Hello again!!!  I know it’s been over a month since fall started, but what can I say, the scorching sun and heat in California tells you otherwise.  Besides that I live  where the desert is disguised as a habitable place.  Just add water!Continue reading here>

Gruesome Face Painting Zombie Designs

16+ Zombie Face Painting Designs

Hi Everyone!!! My favorite time of the year is almost here!!!  Remember being a kid and almost peeing your pants in excitement?  Halloween is the best.  The candy, being out at night, knocking on strangers homes, and… the best part? Dressing up! Continue reading here>

10 Amazing Cheshire Cats Face Painting Designs


Heyah!!!  Who doesn’t love the friggin’ Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland?  He’s cute, he’s witty and has the ability to sleep all day disappear leaving only his teeth behind.  In short, he’s awesome!  Of course, we all know that there are a couple of versions of this charming cat (the cartoon, the Tim Burton, and the Malice Cheshire Cat), but the best face painting designs I was able to find were mostly of the Tim Burton version. Continue reading here>

DIY Cheshire Cat Face Painting Tutorial

DIY Cheshire Cat Face Painting Tutorial -- www.OkidokiFacePainting.com

HIIIII!!!! My lovely niece wants to be the Cheshire Cat for Halloween, so we decided to do a trial run and a step by step while we are at it.  I wasn’t totally in love with the end product, but I am going to try to change a couple of things when I do paint her for her Halloween costume.  Continue reading here>

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