Face Painting Conventions

List of Face Painting and Make Up Conventions

Hi Ya’ll!!!

So now that you have your face painting business set up, supplies and you went to YouTube and poured hours into looking for designs to practice, now you might want to learn from the pros.  My first stop when I began learning, after YouTube, was what is known as the BayFaba convention (more info below). Continue reading here>

Face Painting Challenge Day 17 thru 20

Artnau Tiger Face Painting by OkidokiFacePainting.com


So I pretty much didn’t get to post anything last week thanks to our new schedule and adjusting to having the kids at home all day. Yes. At home. All day. Give me a sticker and call me crazy cus’ that’s what I’m going right now.Continue reading here>

Face Painting Challenge Day 13 thru 16

Fire Face Painting by OkidokiFacePainting.com - Face Painting Blog

Hi Again!!!!

Here we are once again, slowly going through my challenge.  It’s taking long, but by the end I will have a nice collection and plenty of practice.  It’s been taking me this long because at the moment I am wrapping up the school year and need to get as much work in before summer starts. Continue reading here>

7+ Awesome Face Painting Tutorials For Beginners

7 Awesome Face Painting YouTube Channels for Beginners -- OkidokiFacePainting.com Face Painter's Blog

Hi there!!!

Thanks for visiting my page.  I have been writing for a while on how to start your own face painting business, but now I finally got to the fun part: How to Learn to Face Paint!  The first place I went to when I started about six years ago was, of course, YouTube, but back then there weren’t that many videos so my options were limited. Continue reading here>

Face Painting Challenge Day 9 thru 12

Umbrella Face Painting by OkidokiFacePainting.com


I’m sooo excited to announce that I have definitely been admitted to the Counseling program at CSUSB!  This is definitely going to help us turn our life around.  I am grateful for everything we do have and thank God for all of it… but we would love to move into a more progressive direction. Continue reading here>

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