Heeehhh- eeeeeyyy!!

My name is Christina and I’m more than happy to have you visit my site.  I have been working on this blog for quite a while and hope to be able to put myself out there at your reach to help you out in anything and everything I can.  Information is key.

A little about me: I was born in California, but lived several states in Mexico and the U.S.  I currently reside in Riverside, CA and would love to continue traveling once my kids are more up to it.  Tian, my oldest, is terrified of planes.  To the point of crazy.  Speaking of kids, I have two boys.  Tian is 5, Tayo is 3 and I kinda inherited two more girls from my sister since she got an awesome graphic design job in L.A.  Teicuh is 7 and Suyaye is 5.  Sweet girls, but don’t get on their bad side. ;)

Besides being a mom I’m a serial entrepreneur.  I started Okidoki Face Painting in 2009 while I was getting my Master’s in TESOL (still waiting on my dream job as an ESL Professor at a community college), and after quitting my job as a Spanish Teacher.  A few years later I added a Photo Booth to the business.  This year we got an office in Riverside and started a Car Registration and Legalization Business.  I know.  Way off right?!  

Dad has been buying and selling cars for the longest time and thought this would help support the family.  So far it’s been slow, but that’s all businesses.  It’s important to be consistent and show up every day.  

Oh and I also used to have my Real Estate Broker’s License.  You all pretty much know how that went.  

I have been painting for four years now, and have really enjoyed all of it.  The designs, the community, the classes, the kids, the parties, etc.  It really is an ideal work at home part-time job since you choose your schedule and work mostly on weekends.

Anyways, I really hope you like what you see here and find it useful.  From the bottom of my heart, I hope for the best for all of you.  I’m here to help. 



Christina Lizarraga