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List of Face Painting and Make Up Conventions

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So now that you have your face painting business set up, supplies and you went to YouTube and poured hours into looking for designs to practice, now you might want to learn from the pros.  My first stop when I began learning, after YouTube, was what is known as the BayFaba convention (more info below).  It used to be called something like West Coast Face Painters Convention.  Anyways, very small, but the people they had teaching were awesome.  Attending a convention instead of learning online or at individual classes is that you get a great introduction of who is who in the face painting and body art world.  Another advantage is that it helps you find out more of what your style is and you can usually find other artists you can relate to and make some new friends.  Believe me.  You will always need friends in whatever industry you get into.  You don’t need to flounder and rebuild the wheel when you have people you can trust.  Shout out to my friends Cindy Lee and Sarinah (Little Tweety).  I love these two beautiful women.

So for the conventions.  This is a list of the ones I was able to find out about across the United States.  There are also tons outside of the U.S. that will just blow your mind.  Let me tell you; we are really behind in the area of body art.  Just check out this convention out in Austria!!!



So here is a list for 2015-2016:

Face Painting Conventions USA World Clown Association Annual Convention

When: March 7th -11th, 2016

Where: Orlando, Florida

Price: $190 (Before November 30th)

$230 (From November 30th – February 28th)

$260 On Site

Instructors: Ben Christensen, Dean Cotton, Andy Davis, Jim Gorgans, Bruce Johnson, Aurora Krause, Kenrick “Ice” McDonald, Adran Revindren, Lee Mullaly, Amanda O’Leary, Richard Snowberg, Julie Varholdt, Cyrus Zavieh, Rone & Gigi, and more.

Courses Offered: Clowning Skills, Mime, Comedy, Skits, Juggling Tricks, Magic, Make-up techniques, Face Painting, Balloons and Circus Skills.

Notes:  Not exactly exclusive to Face Painting, but if you are interested in adding more skills to your repertoire this is the place to go!

For more Information Check out their Website  or Facebook Page.


Face Painting Conventions USA East Coast Face Painting Convention

When: January 13-18, 2016

Where: Baymont Inn, 20 Taylor St, Manchester, Connecticut

Price: $165 (Convention dates from January 14-17)

$75 per Optional PreConvention (1/13) , PostConvention (1/18), and Night 3 Hour Classes

Instructors: Mark Reid, Denise Cold, Christina Kerr Davison, Kerry Ann DePetro, Nora Susko, Jamilah Zebarth, Ezia Leach and more!

Courses Offered: Beginning to Advanced Face Painting, Airbrush Face Painting, Henna Art and Balloon Twisting.

For more Information Check out their Website  or Facebook Page.




Face Painting Conventions USA

Face Painting & Body Art Convention

When: November 12-17, 2015

Where: St. Louis, Missouri

Price: $325 Summer Special (June 30-August 31)

$375 Regular Registration (Sept 1-November 11)

$400 at the Door

Instructors: Arla Albers, Kat B (Airbrush), Dutch Bihary, Kim Brennan (Henna), Dawn Dewitt, Shonna Flannigan (Balloons), Yvonne Harmon, Robbie Hay, Lori Hurley (Marketing), Thad James (Balloons), Silly Jilly (Balloons), Loretta Kava (Airbrush), Steve Klein (Balloons/Marketing), Gina Niemi, Laura Oliver, Dustin Query (Balloons), John Reid (Balloons/Magic), Mark Reid, Michelle Soltis (Painting/FX), Teri Stokes (Balloons), Tal Thompson (Glitter/Paint/Marketing), Anna Wilinski, Denise Cold, Christina Kerr Davison and more!

Notes: This Face Painting Convention has been held in Las Vegas, NV and I hope it makes its way back so I can go soon.  This year it’s going to be awesome!  Lots of talent teaching the classes. 

Courses Offered: Beginning to Advanced Face Painting, Airbrush Face Painting, Henna Art, Special FX, Balloon Twisting and Marketing.


For more Information Check out their Website  or Facebook Page.



Face Painting Conventions USA


Bay Face and Body Art Convention

When: August 27-30, 2015

Where: Crowne Plaza, San Francisco Airport, California

Price: $325 Full Registration for 8/28 & 8/29

$175 One Day Pass (8/28 or 8/29)

$150 Pre & Post Convention Courses

Instructors: Shawna Del Real, Lea Selley, Ronnie Mena, Krystal Geannie, Heather Green, Rich Diltz, Marcella Bustamante, Karen Sawyer, Matteo Arfanotti, Neeta Sharma, Lilly Walters, Marianne Bartley, Annie Reynolds, Nick Wolfe, Dutch BiharyMark Reid and more!

Courses Offered: Beginning to Advanced Face Painting, Airbrush, Marketing and Henna Art.

Notes:  I was able to attend this one a long, long, loooong time ago when I started to learn how to face paint.  It has now each year gotten bigger and better, and you can tell by the big names that are attending this year.  If I were you, I’d go this year before the prices go up the following year.  You can really get your money’s worth at this convention.  I’m praying I can get enough mula so I can go!  Here’s crossing my fingers, legs, eyebrows, and any other things I can cross…

For more Information Check out their Website  or Facebook Page.

Face Painting Conventions USA

Face And Body Art International Convention

When:  Usually Third Week of May

Where: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Price: $300 – $400

$150 PreConvention Courses

Instructors: Andrea O’Donnell, Anna Wistrich, Cliff Turner, Corey Morgan, Deborah Brommer, Deidre MacDonaldDonna Nowak, Ellen Dawson, Georgette Pressler, Jay Bautista, Jeff Simon, Jennifer Wilson, Jinny, Jocelyn Casdorph, Jody Rife, John Place, Katie Hunt, Kelly Virgona, Kerry Ann DePetro, Kim Brennan, Lea Selley, Madelyn Greco, Marcela Murad, Margi Kanter, Melissa Munn, Pam Trent, Paola Shenk, Patrick Slaughter (Marketing), Sammie Bartko, Sandy Hermens, Sean Avram, Shonna Flannigan (Balloons), Suzy Hammer, Tal Thompson, Whitney Myers, Wiser Oner, Lea Selley, Ronnie Mena, Heather Green, Matteo Arfanotti, Lilly Walters, Marianne Bartley, Nick Wolfe, Mark Reid and more!

Courses Offered: Beginning to Advanced Face Painting, Airbrush, Balloons, Marketing and Henna Art.

Notes: Definitely, without a doubt, the biggest Face and Body Art Convention in the United States.  Just look at how many teachers and classes they offer!!!  But.  So sad to say this.  It looks like they are skipping next year! (Insert Super Sad and Suicidal emoji here).  So long til 2017 FABAIC!


For more Information Check out their Website  or Facebook Page.


These three last Conventions are the only official Conventions I have seen and heard of so far.  If there are more that you know of, let me know!  In the meantime you can also enjoy yourself and learn some other skills that you can use with your face painting at these Make Up and Halloween Conventions:


Halloween & Party Expo

When: January 22-25, 2016

Where: New Orleans, LA

Price: Free (if you Pre-register)

$25 On Site

Education: “Hands-on workshops and demonstrations specifically designed to touch and see while learning about the products and techniques.”  Store business seminars and more.  More details to be announced on their website. Graftobian, Mehron and Wolfe FX vendors will be there, so that’s a good start.  There will also be booths with costumes, pasties, wigs and much, much more.

Notes: This is a Halloween show so you can expect to see a lot of goodies you can buy to enhance your face painting/body painting business.  It is totally worth it to go to these events even if they do not offers courses or classes, but you do get to see a lot of what goes behind make up, special FX and face painting in costumes in party related themes.  They also have vendors that show off how to use their products and you can’t beat the low price of freeeee!!!


For more Information Check out their Website  or Facebook Page.

Midwest Haunters Convention

When: Last week of May, 2016

Where: Columbus, Ohio

Price: Varies depending on day and event.

Free – $25 per class or $90-$180 for all day pass (2015 prices)

Education: Some of the previous classes offered include quality haunt make up, silicone mask designs, how to make things look icky, haunted house make up, evil clown makeup and more.

Notes: This convention is more haunted halloween oriented, so beware!  lol  But you can learn a lot from these pros if you are into the gruesome and scary.  Plus, they have a ton of vendors offering products that you can experiment with like zombie skin and fake blood!


For more Information Check out their Website  or Facebook Page.

The Make Up Show

Chicago, IL – November 7-8, 2015

Orlando, FL – January 30-31, 2016

Los Angeles, CA – March 19-20, 2016

New York City, NY – May 1-2, 2016

Dallas, TX – September 2016

For more Information Check out their Website.


Los Angeles, CA – January, 2016

New York, NY – April, 2016

For more Information Check out their Website.


There are many, many more conventions you can attend to venture out to discover your passion.  I will be adding more with time, so check back often!!!

Thank you for visiting!!!



Looking for more?!!!  Why not check our Favorite YouTubers to learn Face Painting.  ORRRRR  Drop us a line, send an email, or comment below for for more information.  Ask a question! Leave a comment!  =)

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