Face Painting Palletes to Start Your Kit

face painting palletes

Interested in knowing what products and supplies professional face painters prefer?  We gathered a list of the more popular brands and added some of the characteristics that make them stand out.  

To start off your face painting kit you might want to buy some pallets that come with a variety of colors for you to try.  You can then purchase the individual colors in larger “pots” and go from there.  

I can tell you right now that the colors that run out the most in order are: White, Black and then maybe Pink or Red.  

 So be prepared to find the brand you like and stock up, because they run out fast!




Face Paint Starter Palletes


Wolfe FX

Wolfe FX Basic Colors Pallete 

There are many brands out there to choose from, but I think that Wolfe is a definite must when you want to have a dryer finish.  Line work is much easier when your colors don’t blend into each other.  Black and White are always out, so if you try, and you like it, buy as much as you can before they run out.



Wolfe FX Metallix Pallete  

Every little girl’s dream. Sparkle, Glitter, Sparkle, Sparkle.  These Metallics don’t have glitter, but they do look metallic unless you mix it with other matte colors.  Then they loose their Sparkle. =(


Wolfe FX Neon Pallete

Gotta Love NEONS!!! But Like any Neon Face Paints, you really have to lather it on to be noticeable.  And they DO look awesome under the influence of a Black Light.  Great for Adult Parties and Raves!!!


Wolfe FX Nude Pallete

When I was a kid, it never made sense to me that people would buy NUDE colors.  I thought the whole point of makeup was the color, DUH!  But then I grew and puberty kicked in.  It seems that it just doesn’t want to go away.  Pimples, blemishes, red spots and dare I say “Black Heads” EWWW!!  I know, but face paint is a miracle worker and will cover most unsightly extras on our face all but disappear.  Wolfe has these neat colors and just mix and match to your, or your clients, skin tone.




Mehron Paradise

Mehron Paradise Basic Pallete

Moving on to other Brands… Paradise by Mehron smell fantastic!  And they have this really smooth creamy but still solid consistency to them.  I like to use these as a base for my skeletons, Hello Kitty, monsters, etc.  They’re really easy to work with and the colors are awesome. 




Mehron Paradise Pastel Pallete

Love this pallete!  It’s one of my favorites.  The colors are awesome for highlighting and girly designs.  Perfect for easter.  I also like the light green and teal for creepy Zombie Face Painting.

Colors include: Light Pink, Light Green, Light Blue, Light Brown, Teal, Purple, Dark Pink and Violet.




  Mehron Paradise Brillant Pallete

Everyone’s Favorite… Metallics.  This brand offers great coverage, but like others the Gold and Silver may need more coats than other colors.

Colors include: Gold, Silver, Light Blue, Fuschia, Purple, Green, Orange and Deep Blue

Mehron Paradise Tropical Pallete

More Variety of Colors here.  Great for Jungle themed Face Painting, such as Elephants and Monkeys. 

Colors include: Storm Cloud (Gray), Beach Berry (Dark Pink), Amazon Green, Lagoon Blue, Lime, Coral, Mango and Wild Orchid.

Mehron Paradise Nuance Pallete

Colors with a more Sultry look and add some pop to when you combine them with lighter colors. 

Colors include: Mauve, Sky, Foxy (burnt orange), Olive, Falcon (Beige), Deep Sea, Porto (Wine) and Dijon.




 Mehron Paradise 30 Color Sampler Kit

Can’t Choose?  Try 30 of their finest colors.  If you’re serious about Face Painting, this pallete is a great investment.  Usually around $80, but totally worth every penny.

Colors include:  Black (3), White (3), Red, Yellow, Dk. Blue, Dk. Green, Orange, Dk. Brown, Teal, Lt. Green, Dk. Pink, and Purple, Lagoon Blue, Beach Berry, Mango, Amazon Green, Lime, Storm Cloud, Wild Orchid, Coral, Lt. Pink, Lt. Brown, Lt. Blue, Violet, Gold and Silver.

To Be Continued…

This is just a short list of our favorite Face Painting Brands.  Just a little advice for beginners on what to put into your Face painting Kit.  We will add more to this list as we go.  SOooo if you would like to follow us and Keep up with our Updates sign up on our email list.  We would love to keep in touch with you.

Any questions, comments or anything you want to add to this post?  Feel free to communicate with us through email or by writing on the comments section below.   Thank you!!!!

Mucho Amor

Christina =)








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