Face Painting Supplies for Beginners (Palletes) Continued…

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Picking up where we dropped off…  There are plenty of good face painting brands to choose from, but here’s a rundown of some of the ones we have tested and tried (or just know about or heard were great)  Let us know if there are any brands you tested and loved.  We’ll add them to the list! 



Face Paint Starter Palletes (Continued…)


Ben Nye

Ben Nye Magicake 

There We haven’t tested out this pallete, but I can tell you Ben Nye is awesome.  There are tons of video reviews on YouTube and it’s all about how awesome Ben Nye is.  Colors Include:Cloud White, Bright Red, Azure Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Kelly Green, Licorice Black, Cosmic Blue, Lime Green, Royal Purple, Hot Pink, Bright Orange and Honey Brown.

Ben Nye Lumiere (Compressed Powder) 

This pallete is a must!!! I already ran out of the hot pink.  The lumieres are basically high tint eye shadow.  So yes, you can wear them out.  We use these colors as a base for the fashion/glamour eye designs and for fancy full face tigers or masks.  Sometimes it’s better to use a powder as a base when you don’t want to just plaster the face with water based face paints.  Colors include:Brush, Ice, Aztec Gold, Silver, Azalea,  Cosmic Blue,  Sun Yellow,Iced Gold, Tangerine,Chartreuse,  Jade,  Amethyst, and  Cosmic Violet  

Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel

This Don’t want to carry the whole shebang when you’re out and about?  This mini pallete is perfect for the just got beat up by the sidewalk look.  They also have this wheel in other themes including “monster” and “dead.”


Snazaroo Mini Face Paint Starter Kit

As Seen on TV!!!  My first kit was Snazaroo, but I felt it was a bit too creamy for what I wanted to do with face painting.  A lot of people love it, and if you try it and like the consistency then by all means use it!  The resulting art and the fun in painting is what is important. One super plus: they are available at Michael’s, if you ever run out!  All the rest of the brands featured in our blog can most times only be found online.  Snazaroo has been commercial for a while, so it’s easier to find.



Diamond fx

Diamond FX Essentials

Can’t find Wolfe?  Diamond FX is a great substitute and sometimes easier to find.  This pallete includes: yellow, green, black, white, red and blue.

Diamond FX Metallix

These are FABULOUS!!! My favorite is the green.  It’s a very beautiful emerald shiny color.  Colors include: Metallic Rose, Metallic Gold, Metallic Green, Metallic Blue, Metallic Purple and Silver.




Diamond FX Mini Metallix 




Diamond FX Mini Neon





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Silly Farm

(Coming Soon!!!)

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