How to Start a Face Painting Business

Face Painting Supplies and Starting a Business

Arigato Heh-eeeyyyy!

Here’s my very first post on how to start your very own Face Painting Business!!! It is a very exciting and rewarding endeavor, and I would like to be able to help others out to start their journey into this FUN line of work!


First things first. Before you get to the good in the whole the good, the bad and the ugly scenario, you gotta go through the bad, and then the ugly. There is a list of things to do before you begin your venture into Face Painting to keep your business legit. You also have to start learning your way through the Art of Face Painting, and handling a mob of kids you have to paint within one hour, but we’ll focus on the government in this post. ;)


Here are 8 things you need before you can start yelling out to the world I AM A FACE PAINTER, AND I CAN MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS, AND ITS AWESOME, BUT not for free!!!


  1. Choose a Name for your Business! Fun, right?! It is, but it needs to be original and not taken already by another business.  Need help? Continue reading here.
  2. Is it available?  Check if the name you chose is available through your local County Clerk search engine.
  3. File for a Fictitious Business Name from the local County Clerk, or State Agency in charge of DBA (Doing Business As) filing, of the area you are going to be servicing. More Info on that here.
  4. Get a Business License or file a Business Tax Application.  Look for your State Requirements here.
  5. Buy your supplies. List of Places to buy your Face Painting Supplies HERE.
  6. Get Insured
  7. Get Training.  
  8. Practice your tushi off, buy yourself a cute outfit and….


I’m getting ahead of myself, but that’s pretty much it and you are –gua lah!– a proud Face Painting Business Owner!

P.S.  Some States might require more paperwork and licenses before you can start Face Painting for profit.  We are in California and this is pretty much what they asked for.  Check your local City Hall or Government representative for more information. =)

I apologize for the basic website.  It might not seem very exciting now, but I promise great content to come.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I would LOVE to know what I can help you with!

Stay Tuned for more on How to Start Your own Face Painting Business!

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3 thoughts on “How to Start a Face Painting Business

  1. Hi there, I live in San Diego, California. I read above that in California, they do not require to get any additional license, but just wanted to confirm that the state doesn’t require a Esthetician’s license even though you’re touching people’s faces?
    Thank you,


    What category would face paininting be for licensing?

    I’m confused so hopefully you can help guide me along!


    • okidoki on said:

      Hi Kelly!
      Sorry for the delay! Usually I find that we fit under entertainers, event entertainment, party vendors, or just artists. What are the options, if they are giving you any, at your county clerk? Hope I can be helpful!

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