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There’s nothing like a good ol’ law suit to get rid of everything you own and worked so hard on.  This is why we need insurance… for just in case.  In the four years I have been in the Face Painting Business, I have never heard of any painters getting sued.  Why do we need it then?  Some government and commercial establishments require it, and you look extra official if you do have it when you mention it to all your other clients.

The type of insurance Face Painters need is Performer’s Insurance.  And you can call around and ask Farmer’s and other companies to see if they offer it, but most of us go for the companies the specialize in this type of insurance:

Specialty Insurance Agency

K and K Insurance Group

The World Clown Association

Francis L. Dean & Associates, Inc.

Shoff Darby Insurance Agency

**Note: Some of these companies, including K and K and Francis L. Dean do not cover Professional Body Painters or Artists that carry or use Neon Paints in their kits.  If you do make sure you call and ask before purchasing.  This info is brought to you thank to Lilly Walters at  Thank you Lilly!

Try them out and ask about what they cover and for how much.  Rates are around $200 a year.  

If anyone knows of any other companies that offer Performer’s Insurance, let me know by commenting bellow.  Thank you!

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Did you choose a name already?!!?  Nice!!!

Did you make it yours? Check!

Did you buy Insurance?!!!  AWE-and then-SOME!

Now you my Tender Tiger are ready to move on to the next level of face painting Delightfulness:

And may I say this is the funnest part right after face painting! – Buying Your Supplies!!!

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2 thoughts on “Performer’s Insurance

  1. Hello! I am working on a chart about insurance companies for face painters. Good info here.

    I thought you might want to update your info, KandK, which sells NATIONAL, as does Fdean and others, do not cover: body painting, professionals, or any one that has neon paints in their kits.

    - Lilly Walters

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