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Tips on Finding a Name for your Face Painting Business --

Hola Como Estan? Heh-eeeeyyy!


So now that you decided that you are going into business as a Face Painter, what to you do next?  HAVE FUN!  Have fun picking out your Stage Name that is.

There are, of course, many things to consider when you are creating your brand and choosing the name that your clients will most likely identify with when they think of you and Face Painting.  


You can always go with Your Name + Face Painting, or First Name + Last Name + Face Painting if there are too many Patricia’s in your area already.  It’s very personal and some people prefer to deal with a person that they feel they know, but then what if Patricia doesn’t show and it’s just one of her minions?  Will this person be as good as Patricia?  Nobody knows… (insert scary face here).

Ok, so not your name, and besides it’s already taken and your name is really hard to spell.  Moving on.  How about the city, state or area you live in + Face Painting?  Excellent for the online search and SEO, but it might already be taken.  It’s not?!?!?!  What are you waiting for!  Come back later!

You found out it was already taken after all, didn’t you?  Well, let’s continue…

So not your name, and not your target area of business.  What is left?  You come up with your own witty, entertaining, unforgettable, fun name.


After many lists and testing all kinds of names with family and friends we decided on Okidoki Face Painting.  It’s kind of funny, because it reminds us of Flanders from the Simpsons (We made it shorter because we didn’t want our true nerdy colors to shine through and blind), and most people say that instead of “okay.”  You know how in many movies the word “Okidoki” has been said?  Even old Mexicans use this word -> Our Dad. =)


So What to Name Your Business?  Some things to think about before boiling it down to your top 3  5  10.

  1. What’s your Niche?  Or in other words what type of Face Painting are you going to concentrate on and what type of events are you going to focus on booking? Children’s Parties, Special events, etc.  Are you going to do Body Painting?  Balloons? Other types of services for parties and events?  If your name says Face Painting in it, you might have a hard time trying to sell party decoration services to your clients.
  2. Choose something that reflects who you are, and/or what you love and are passionate about.
  3. Is it easy to spell?  You do not know how much time we spend trying to spell our website and email over the phone.  Okidoki I guess can be spelled with an e, or multiple e’s or i’s.  I really thought this was going to be a no-brainer.  I thought wrong.  Besides, your clients will find it harder to find you online if the spelling is off too.
  4. Is it taken already?  Trademark is automatic locally by law.  If you call dibs on it and file a Fictitious Business Name, it’s yours.  But you have to check your local county clerk’s office to verify that it’s available.
  5. You might want to see if the .com, .org, or .net or any other “dot” is available too.  If there is another company with your name, you might want to look into the rules on registering the .net of an already existing (and thriving) .com.
  6. You want to become a national or international sensation?  Check if there’s  an existing trademark for the name you chose.

Here are some Awesome Face Painting Business Name examples that might inspire you!

(They are already taken, but you get the idea)

Other Skin

Momentum Face Painting

Emerald FX

Pretty Design

Anything that has Rad, Fab, Art, Glam, Beauty, Gore or FX in it

Beauty By (Insert your Name here)

Face Painting By (Insert your Name here)

Face Lace (actually not Face Painting, but still cool name otherwise)

Anything with Design or Kawaii in it (It means cute in Japanese)

Cute, Art, Fairy etc, in Another Language (for example: Bella means Beautiful in Spanish)

*I will add more names as I encounter them.  Anything to help you guys out.

**Hey!  If you have any cool names you like to mention, let me know in the comments or email me at

If all else fails.  Grab a pen or pencil and write down your three initials (If not just the two first), and use our handy-dandy Face Painter’s STAGE NAME Generator!


Face Painting Name Generator by Okidoki Face Painting --


Remember!  Whatever your choose, what makes your name is that you wear it and say it like you own it.  Don’t apologize for it, because it’s what you are going to be known for.  Make it bold, STAND OUT and get a cute logo to go with it to put on the shirts you’re going to eventually sell online.

Stay Happy! ;)


Did you choose a name already?!!?  Nice!!!

Now you are ready little grasshopper to move on to the next step:

Making that Name Yours!!!

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4 thoughts on “Naming your Face Painting Business

  1. Litzy on said:

    So, under your Start Your Own Business section, I’m the individual states requirements – Mississippi didn’t require me to register a DBA. So what’s next?

    • okidoki on said:

      Hi Litzy!
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I did a little research and it looks like if you are going to go as a “sole proprietor” in Mississippi you don’t need to file with the Secretary of State. If you do want to file your business as some kind of partnership, then you do have to file by going to this website: . I would look into it a bit more and call them to make sure you have all your bases covered even if you do want to go solo on the business (and if you are not employing anyone – that’s another story).

      If there are no more requirements from the state, you do have to check with your county and city to check for their requirements. Some cities require special licenses even if you are working out of the city one block over. I hope this helps!!! If you do need more help researching, let me know! =) Thanks once again for visiting!


  2. I have tried so many names and it is just not working and I need a name soon if not I will be working with a no name I have tried once upon a FacePaintings, gabby’ enchanted FacePaintings… Which one do u like or have any ideas (my initials at GST)

    • okidoki on said:

      Hi Gabby!!!
      Thanks for visiting! I guess it all depends on what name you are comfortable with using, what inspires you, and/or what reflects your style. What if you think about the things you like to paint the most, or what it is about face painting that you love. That would be a great starting point. It sounds like you are leaning more towards fairy tales. I like Once Upon A Face Painting and I think it’s not too hard for people to spell when they are looking for you online. It actually reminds me of the name of a friend’s very successful business Up, Up and Away Face Painting. I think it’s unique and cute! I would go for that name or something fairy tale related. Hope I was able to help! :)

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